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An action-packed novella with no limits on the depths it will plunge into evil. With a bold and determined Detective Taylor pitted against a unique villain, you’ll find a battle of good versus evil and you’re invited to pick a side.

In the first novel in the series, change is inevitable, but some things stay the same. Did you think he was dirty? Michael did. Meet all the antagonists, the full cast of the series and discover why everyone believes in Michael Taylor.

The boss is a beast in this third installment of the series. How will Michael and his partner resolve an unthinkable betrayal? Will they live to see another investigation? Michael’s livelihood is on the line this time but he has some backup.

Book 4 digs deep into the one thing that Michael has struggled with for most of his adult life: Women. He’s fighting to keep his relationship, or lack thereof, intact and dealing with a combative victim with a lot to hide. Both women show no mercy.

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