Thanks for visiting the website for the Michael Series! This blog will be dedicated to my updates on the series! Here is a little info:

  • This series currently has 4 books: a prequel which is ALWAYS FREE, a novella and two full length novels.
  • Inside Out is available at your favorite bookstore, while Stitches and El Jefe are available with Kindle Unlimited!
  • Inside Out and Stitches were published through Steamy Trails Publishing and El Jefe and Ready were published through Rebellion LIT.
  • Content and Trigger Warnings for all books are available at https://tiffanychristinalewis.com/content-and-trigger-warnings/

There is so much to say about this series, but I want you to read it first! Start with Ready and let me know what you think! Then get more of Michael with the novella Inside Out or Stitches a novel.

Yes! I said that! You can start with Stitches!

Although Inside Out is the first major project I published with Michael, Stitches is the project that establishes the true cast of the story, it highlights more places in Oakland that I hold dear and I think I really nailed Michael.

Michael is the real Michael in Stitches.

Despite this, Inside out is an awesome book! Even now, in 2021, a book I released in 2014 makes me proud! So you pick where you’d like to go after Ready, either Inside Out or Stitches!

Enjoy and look out for updates!

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Author of Crime fiction.

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